Asbestos, a natural mineral with a fibrous structure composed of silicate mineral distinguishable in the series of serpentine ( chrysotile ) and amphibole ( amosite , crocidolite, tremolite , anthophyllite and actinolite . The characteristics of asbestos that have facilitated the wide spread in the past are resistance to fire and heat, action of chemical and biological agents , abrasion and wear , has sound-absorbing and heat insulating properties and binds easily with construction materials ( lime, gypsum , cement). It defines a material containing friable asbestos fibers free or weakly bound ( crumbles into dust and reduced the touch of the hands ) ; compact a material in which the asbestos fibers are strongly linked in a matrix solid and stable ( or reducible crumbles into dust only with the aid of mechanical tools ) The use of asbestos has been outlawed in Italy since 1992. Law n . 257 of 1992, [7] as well as establishing the terms and procedures for the disposal of the assets relating to the extraction and processing of asbestos , was the first to also take care of workers exposed to asbestos. SERVICES OFFERED BY U.S. For the field of remediation of asbestos ( friable that is compact ), we offer customers the following services:

Performing surveys and mapping of asbestos-containing materials in order to comply with national and regional legislative obligations;

Design and formulation of technical reports ( Work Plans – art. 256 of Legislative Decree no . 81/ 08), submitted to the Office of Oversight Board ( Prevention Safety at Work ) will allow the start of work in environmental remediation following the release of their specific authorization ;

Management of relationships with the local Health Authorities and Companies with the competent supervisory bodies ;

Implementation of environmental remediation in compliance with the technical regulations in force;

Execution of samples for further qualitative and quantitative analysis ;

Implementation of environmental monitoring for subsequent analysis of membrane filters ;

Issuance of certificates restituibilità environments reclaimed ( friable ) ;

Compilation and registration forms loading – unloading of waste; Release copies of the Forms Identification of hazardous waste containing asbestos proving the disposal occurred in facilities authorized